Wel-Com is the official monthly newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington and the Diocese of Palmerston North and is free in all parish churches and schools in the two dioceses.

As well as reporting on activities that occur in the two dioceses, Wel-Com aims to present educative and thought-provoking articles about the Church in the world.

September 05, 2014

New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Statement

September 2014 Election 2014 In the lead up to the general election, 20 September 2014, New Zealand's Catholic Bishops have asked Catholics to reflect on who will represent us in Parliament and govern for the next three years. Their statement has been issued…
September 05, 2014

Child poverty: our nation’s challenge

September 2014 Feature Annette Scullion A shared, deep concern about the appalling rates and effects of child poverty in New Zealand prompted Archbishop John Dew and Anglican Bishop of Wellington Justin Duckworth to call on politicians to urgently address…

NZ Bishops's statement: reflections

Sep 05, 2014 218
September 2014 Election 2014 Reflections on the key issues raised in the New Zealand…

In a more equal NZ children can thrive

Sep 05, 2014 166
September 2014 Feature Chris Nichol Archbishop John Dew has reminded us, ‘our children…

Prayers for peace in the Middle East

Sep 05, 2014 142
September 2014 Feature Annette Scullion Calls for prayers for peace in the Middle East…

Apostleship of the Sea – marine chaplaincy

Sep 05, 2014 131
September 2014 Feature Fr Kevin Head sm The seafarers who bring goods to our ports are…