Wel-Com is the official monthly newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington and the Diocese of Palmerston North and is free in all parish churches and schools in the two dioceses.

As well as reporting on activities that occur in the two dioceses, Wel-Com aims to present educative and thought-provoking articles about the Church in the world.

February 25, 2015

New Zealand celebrates new Cardinal

March 2015 News Simone Olsen Self-described ‘ordinary kiwi bloke’ Archbishop John Dew officially became a new cardinal as he was inducted into the College of Cardinals by Pope Francis at St Peter’s Basilica, Rome, on 14 February 2015. Addressing the new…
February 25, 2015

Bishop Charles: The coming year

March 2015 Feature ‘If we pray, if we hope, if we expect, if we work and if we shepherd for growth it will come. And by growth I mean a deepening of our faith and also, today, I want to say let’s grow in numbers too.' Arena Mass, Palmerston North, 2013…

Pope Francis: New family questionnaire

Feb 25, 2015 255
March 2015 News Simone Olsen Pope Francis’ voice resounds in the media and in our homes.…

Lenten message from Bishop Charles Drennan

Feb 25, 2015 182
March 2015 Opinion ‘Light a Fire in the Heart of the World’ ‘Whakakāngia te Kāpura ki…

Celebration for new Bishop of Hamilton

Feb 25, 2015 183
March 2015 News Simone Olsen Bishop Stephen Lowe was consecrated and formally installed…

Revisiting the Sacraments: Reconciliation

Feb 25, 2015 173
March 2015 Reflection Fr Patrick Bridgman Having looked at the three Sacraments of…

Towards a culture of safeguarding

Feb 25, 2015 168
March 2015 Feature Maria Noonan With Wel-Com’s focus in the March 2015 issue on young…

Eradicating human trafficking and slavery

Feb 25, 2015 169
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March 2015 Feature Pope Francis speaks of human trafficking in his apostolic exhortation…

Hato Paora: Growing good boys into great young men

Feb 25, 2015 200
March 2015 Feature Annette Scullion Hato Pāora College, near Feilding and surrounded by…

Young Catholic leadership

Feb 25, 2015 356
March 2015 Feature Cardinal John Dew When I think of young people in the Church I very…