Wel-Com is the official monthly newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington and the Diocese of Palmerston North and is free in all parish churches and schools in the two dioceses.

As well as reporting on activities that occur in the two dioceses, Wel-Com aims to present educative and thought-provoking articles about the Church in the world.

August 05, 2014

Military chaplains honoured at WWI commemorations

August 2014 News Annette Scullion The ministry that chaplains carry in our communities, particularly those of the military, was honoured at services at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Wellington and at St Mary's Church, Foxton, last month to commemorate the centenary…
August 05, 2014

National Vocations Awareness Week

August 2014 National Vocations Awareness Week3–10 August 2014 National Vocations Awareness week is an annual event, set aside by the Bishops of New Zealand Catholic dioceses, dedicated to promoting all forms of vocation in the Church. The week earmarks time…

South Hutt Valley merger discussed

Aug 05, 2014 253
August 2014 News Gerard McKee The four parishes of the Southern Hutt Valley have embraced…

Archbishop’s column: Response to calling and living discipleship

Aug 05, 2014 133
August 2014 Perspectives Archbishop John Dew I had a conversation recently with someone…

Your right to vote

Aug 05, 2014 170
August 2014 Election 2014 Susan Wilson For democracy to work, people need to be involved.…

Mary's call to vocation: The Annunciation

Aug 05, 2014 228
August 2014 Reflection Kieran Fenn fms It is easy to imagine Mary as a young woman, soon…