Wel-Com is the official monthly newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington and the Diocese of Palmerston North and is free in all parish churches and schools in the two dioceses.

As well as reporting on activities that occur in the two dioceses, Wel-Com aims to present educative and thought-provoking articles about the Church in the world.

October 17, 2014

Archbishop John’s column: The heart of the matter

October 2014 Insight Archbishop John Dew 'At the heart of the Catholic Character of a school are the Catholic hearts of those who work in the school – the principal, teachers, chaplains and other staff. They are witnesses to the students of a mature faith,…
October 03, 2014

St Mary of the Angels: Wellington's sanctuary

October 2014 Wellington Olivia Webb Wellington’s St Mary of the Angels Church has been closed to the public for over a year following the Seddon earthquakes in July 2013. While the church suffered no structural damage, it was identified as earthquake-prone…

Catholic Education: Life-long growth

Oct 03, 2014 219
October 2014 Education Jenny Gordon When people think of Catholic education, nine times…

Robin Hammond: Human rights photographer

Oct 03, 2014 266
October 2014 Profile Annette Scullion Robin Hammond, 39, is a photo-journalist originally…

Bioethics and prayer

Oct 03, 2014 151
October 2014 News Bioethics and prayer National Day of Prayer to Respect Life, 12 October…

Matagaluega O Ueligitone

Oct 03, 2014 130
October 2014 Feature E ofo atu manū i le ‘au faitau ae maise le pa’ia o Samoa tulou! O…